Best KeePass App for iPhone & iPad - Password Manager App

Best KeePass App for iPhone & iPad - Password Manager App

You often forget your password and you can’t remember it? Then you need a Password Manager to manage your personal data and password. There are many password manager apps are available in the internet market. The password manager apps are supports both android and ios devices. Here in this article, we provide the best Password Manager apps for iOS devices. It helps you do to two things very easily, auto-fill login forms and keep your password stored securely. So keep read this complete guide without any skip and get the Best Password Manager app on your ios device. 

Best password manager for iPhone and iPad:

Best Password Manager for iOS

1. Private Password Manager:

It is the most popular Password manager application among all other applications. A private password manager helps to remember all of your passwords with the help of Master Passcode. The Master Passcode helps you can easily remember your password and keep them securely. If you don’t want to Master Passcode then you can use the fingerprint option. 

When you use a browser, the private password manager auto-fill your username and password quickly. It provides AES-256 encryption method to safeguard to your password. Also, you can use hide list option to access your most secret password and you can clean-up the entire data at any time.

2. 1Pastword:

Most of the Android and iOS users select this app to manage their password very secure. The 1Password app is free for only 30 days, then keep going with a subscription. 1Passworrd  is the best Password Manager that helps to remember all your password and username which helps to auto-fill the login forms. It is a good place for saving your personal information, financial details, and more details you need to keep secure. 
1Password uses end-to-end encryption so your data is very safe and secure. The encryption keys never leave your device. You can change the Master Password at any time and you are the only one who can see the password.

Features of 1Password:

  • Auto-fill usernames and passwords into the login form.
  • You can create a strong and unique password for every account and save it from 1password.
  • You can share your passwords securely with your friends and family.
  • Also, you can change your Master Password for your wish.
  • Using fingerprint you can easily unlock the app.

3. Dashlane:

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane is another password manager app which helps to keep your password and username completely safe. Using this Dashlane you can make easily login into website and apps.  it is very safe and secure to protect your documents and passwords with security code.
You can set your security code to unlock the app. If your password and usernames are used on another website, you will receive a security alert message. This feature is available only on this app. using this feature you can easily manage your apps and passwords. You can make a strong and secure password for your every account. Also, you can change your Previous password at any time to make secure.

4. Mini KeePass:

Keepass is the best and most popular password manager application for Windows and Linux. It is an open source application. You can download and use on your device like PC, Laptop and Mac clients. Unfortunately, the KeePass password manager is not available in mobile devices. Here we provide a mobile password manager app is Mini Keepass.
The Mini KeePass is available on the mobile device which allows you to remember your password and usernames to auto-fill into the log-in forms. But it is not available in google play store and apple app store. Many third apps are built to support with KeePass but the mini KeePass is the best for all. 

Features of Mini KeePass:

  • You can easily manage your usernames and passwords.
  • It uses end-to-end encryption to make your password very secure.
  • The KeePass is a password manager app which allows to auto-fill your password and username into the websites and apps.
  • You can also change your security lock for security purpose.
  • You are the only one who can see your password and username.
  • It allows changing your previous password and username with help of security lock.

5. LastPass:

LastPass is specially designed for iOS users to manage your passwords and usernames. Most of the users are refers to this app to manage their passwords. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. Once you installed and add on your browser plugin then your passwords are very safe and secure. But you have to pay 12$ per year. iOS users can use this app from the apple app store. 
LastPass Password Manager
Using this LastPass Password Manager you can customize your settings to make your password very secure. You need a premium account to access the LastPass app. Your password will be synced with your iPhone device. So you can easily manage your username and password. Your password stored securely so it is available on offline too. The safari browser with this app, your browsing data, and your information will be very safe in the secure box. It is very suitable for iPhone users to manage their password and usernames.

These are the Best Password Manager apps. So you can select any password manager app from the above list and easily remember your password and usernames. 

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