How to install GBA Emulator for iOS 11/12 Without Jailbreak

How to install GBA Emulator for iOS 11/12 Without Jailbreak

GBA for iOS: Hello friends welcome to our gaming guide blog. Are you searching for how to install a GBA emulator on your iOS device? You are in a correct place here in this post are you there to download and install GB emulator on iPhone and other iOS devices. I think you know very well about the GBA games there are many wonderful GBA games that are out there on the internet but it is not developed for your devices so we need this GBA emulator to play those games on iOS devices.

GBA for iOS
GBA for iOS
Here in this article, we will let you know the steps of how to install GBA emulator on iOS from iOS 7.1.2, 8.1, 11, 11.2.6, 11.3.1, 12 and later versions. Please read the complete guide and install your favorite GBA game on your iPhone.

How to Install GB Emulator on iOS (iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XS):

The tutorial which is provided below will allow you to install GBA4iOS emulator on your iOS device. Once you have installed this game boy advance emulator on iOS you can easily play and enjoy your favorite old games. The below tutorial will works better in iPhone devices above the iPhone 4S. 

Steps to install GBA for iOS :

  • First of all, you need to download the emulator from the emulator's download website.
  • Use the below download link to get the GBA emulator for the iOS version (Download GBA).
  • This GBA emulator is also available for Windows and Android platform devices so you need to choose the iOS version of the GBA emulator.
  • Now you need to complete the installation steps to finish the installation of GBA on iOS.
  • Once The installation of GBA has completed I can download the ROMs cos this app does not include any ROMs. 
  • You can download any GBA ROMs from any of your favorite websites. That's it now you can easily download ROMs and play any games on your iPhone with the help of the GBA emulator.
  • To download your Favourite ROMs open you're in build browser and search for the favorite games like Megaman, Pokemon, Donkey Kong and so on. 

If the above method might not work in any condition you can use the below alternative method to install GBA emulator on iOS.

Install GBA Emulator on i OS with Jailbreak:

  • This method will work only on the iOS device which Jailbreak. Download the Cydia application on your iOS device.
  • Now add at the below URL as a source in Cydia (http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/).
  • Search for the "GPA4iOS" and simply install it on your iPhone.
  • Now you can download the GBA ROMs and start playing favorite games.

Features of GBA Emulator for iOS:

You will get some interesting features with this GBA emulator which are listed below.
  • You will get unlimited cheats.
  • fast forward feature in the games.
  • you will get a 100% speed emulator on any device.
  • This emulator will also support compressed files. 
  • You will get the best customizable control layouts in this GBA emulator.
These are all the few features of this application. Try all the features and let us know your feedback.
So these are the two ways to install GBA emulator for iOS. If you have any doubts related to this tutorial for any other games please let us know in the below comment box. Thank you for your visit.

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