Facebook Lite for iOS & iPhone Free Download

Facebook Lite for iOS & iPhone Free Download

Facebook lite for ios is now available in the apple app store. Initially, Facebook launched its lite version only for android user. The lite version of Facebook is available in google play store for android users but it is not available in iPhone users. Most of the iPhone users wait for the lite version of Facebook because the original version of Facebook is more than 400MB. But the lite version of facebook consumes less than 10mb only. This is the main reason for download and install facebook lite for ios. Finally, the facebook lite version is now available for iPhone users. But most of the iPhone users don’t know about to download facebook lite version. Here in this article, we provide full details about facebook lite for ios and its features. Keep reading this complete article without any skip to get more updates on Facebook lite for ios.

About facebook lite for iOS:

Facebook is the most popular social media chat app compared to any other social media apps. It has reached millions of users all around the world. It is available for both android and ios users. It is specially designed for mobile chat app but it also supports all the platforms like Microsoft, windows, PC and Mac users. It allows to enables to manage your Facebook account directly on your mobile phone. You can easily login with your facebook account username and password.
Facebook Lite for iOS
Using this facebook you can easily connect with your friends and family all around the world and also you can communicate with new friends. You can share your information with others. You can also express yourself through your profile. You can create a group and start the conversation with others. This facebook social media app helps to promote your business. You can easily communicate with your buyers and sell your product through this facebook app. 

Features of Facebook lite for iOS:

Most of the people refer to install facebook lite version because of its features. Now let’s see the features of Facebook lite for iOS. 
  • Facebook lite version is completely free to download. The Android users can download facebook lite from google play store and ios users can download from the apple app store.
  • It is the best and simple chat app for mobile and pc users.
  • You can share your thoughts and images to facebook feed and your stories.
  • You can also follow your favorite post and groups to connect with your unknown persons. 
  • The Facebook app allows to makes a live video stream with your followers to share your information and you can respond to your videos viewers. 
  • You can see your call history and missed call details from one place and also you can make a group to start a conversation.
  • The facebook lite app allows to makes a group video call and chats.   
  • You can share any other post and forwarding messages. You can make a shortcut that you can get to any conversation or messages from your home screen.
  • The facebook lite allows to makes unlimited pages and groups that help to promote your business. Using this feature you can easily communicate with your buyers.
  • Using privacy option you can select your posting audience. Click the option and select your to post to make public or visible friends only. 
  • Facebook lite for ios is very safe and secure. Using account settings you can do to several things to make your account more secure. 
These are the best features of Facebook for ios. So without any hassle, you can download and install facebook lite for ios.

Facebook VS facebook Lite:

Facebook Lite for iOS
The official Facebook app is consuming more space and high data. It needs more than 400MB space on your mobile phone. The Facebook lite app is similar functionality of official facebook but it has only on less than 10mb space and lower data. The difference is a hundred times more attractive compared to Facebook. Facebook lite version is lightweight and more network saving. If you using Facebook, it consumes more data so most of the people are refers to facebook lite. The functionality is the same for both the versions but facebook occupies more space and consumes more data.

How to download and install facebook lite for ios?

Initially, the facebook lite version is available only on Android users. After that, the facebook launched its lite version for ios users in Turkey, but now it is available on all the ios users. You can easily download and install facebook lite version on your iPhone and iPad users. Here we guide you to download and install Facebook lite for ios. Just follow these below steps without any skip and install facebook lite for ios.
  • Open the apple app store on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Now search the facebook lite version on the search bar.
  • The related apps are shown on your screen.
  • Just select the facebook lite and click the install button.
  • The download process will take few minutes to complete based on your internet speed.
  • After complete, the download process just installs it on your iPhone device.
  • Finally, the facebook lite app is installed on your iPhone device. 
  • Now open the facebook lite version and enter your Facebook username and password to access your Facebook account.
  • That’s it. You can use facebook lite version on your iPhone and iPad devices.
If you have any struggle to download and install facebook lite for ios just ask free on the comment box. Keep in touch with us to know more updates on ios apps and games.

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